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Romagnola beef cattle
The Romagnola breed is growing in popularity in Australia as producers look to increase weight for age and improve eating quality through cattle that also have the adaptive and maternal traits so important to producing quality beef in this country.
Romagnola Beef Genetics is based at "Bulala" 45 kms south west of Roma and is home to some of the world's finest Romagnola cattle. We continue to select cattle for traits that matter. Fertility, weight for age and ability to finish to a range of market specifications are the factors that underpin our breeding program.
Romagnola Breeding Services
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Welcome to Romagnola Beef Genetics

Romagnola Beef Genetics is a leading seedstock producer, well recognised for our commercially focused genetics.

We focus on the traits that drive profit. Fertility, weight for age and finishing ability are central to our selection criteria.

Good temperament goes without saying. Our bulls are well-known for being quiet and easy to handle and produce progeny of the same nature.

We sell bulls into a range of production systems and environments targeting all modern beef markets with satisfied customers from Victoria to the Gulf and all areas in between.

The ability of our bulls to produce progeny that fit into such a wide range of market specifications is testament to the versatility of the breed and our cattle in general.

Our breeding program and selection process is producing new generation Romagnola cattle that are cleaner coated, easier doing while heavier at the same age.